Why Construction Workers Catcall Women

If you decide to visit a construction site, the majority of people you are going to meet are males. Most of them are hard-working husbands or breadwinners trying to make ends meet to the best of their abilities. In fact, as you visit, training colleges for such disciplines, the picture is practically almost the same with only a few exceptions when you check with institutions offering higher qualifications. Minority women who eventually join these environments find it easy to integrate into the setup to the extent of even partially behaving like men. Hilarious characters even allege that they almost end up dressing like men, which is only true when you catch them on duty, clad in their safety attire.

Some workers come from homes with

Some workers come from homes with strict rules on how to relate with members of the opposite gender. Their guardians could be very principled people with norms to be followed by anyone in their household, especially when at home. Those who find themselves in this situation only have the option of enjoying their partial freedom with the opposite gender when far away from their abodes. In this case, what takes them furthest from the watchful eyes is work because guardians and chaperons won’t come here. It is time to go catcall the beautiful ladies passing near where work is being executed by these abusive characters.

An interesting category of those fond

An interesting category of those fond of this habit involves workers who are so shy that even greeting a woman requires more than the extra effort everyone puts in. The closest they get to talking to their dream lady is just an attempt to sneak behind her before she can look back and see what is going on. If by some unfortunate chance the girl turns around, they immediately freeze like an old monument about to receive a new coat of paint. When you take a closer look, the man engaged in this activity is neither ready for marriage nor prepared to handle responsibility.

Why Construction Workers Catcall Women

Group influence always has its own uncontrollable force when not put under control. Even the innocent individuals with no clue about what they are doing still go ahead and join in from the forefront. Get a chance to ask why this particular person acted so irresponsibly, you will be shocked at how blank the other person will come out. The best explanation closer to the act is a simple blame game directed at the group with no further action to own up to such behavior. That is why most youngsters are cautioned to stay away from peers with questionable values even if society might seem to approve of such ones.

Random fun moments also strike from nowhere, especially when you are tired, and there seems little to do at your disposal. Sometimes, it is all so easy to find yourself laughing at a joke with offensive connotations along the way. Fatigue takes the lead, and all you do is enjoy the moment while it lasts because you are tired after a long day of hard work. An act of showing dominance to the opposite gender can come when the perpetrator is frustrated about a matter which may not even be nearing its end. The innocent woman just finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Societies where men are taught to express dominance toward women, regardless of how the other person feels, also contribute to this behavior greatly. In such areas, shouting verbal abuse at females is no more than announcing the presence of men in that place. They feel obliged to act in dominion so that they gain the respect of the opposite gender, whether by force or other impolite means. When senior members with the responsibility of correcting the young ones are around, they simply cheer on without doing anything tangible about it.

Duties involved in construction work can be involved, and demanding for each one working on the site. Sometimes, things just go wrong, and there is no one to blame apart from the parties involved. When faced with heavy criticism, their pained hearts have no room for relieving the anger or even dealing with what was brought to them. At this point, if a lady is seen in the vicinity, they have just found a way to vent their anger. She finds herself on the ugly receiving end of this harassment.