Social Construction of Gender

Gender as a social construction is basically what society defines as being male and what they think should be female. Socialization is just customs, habits, values that are taught to us, that you have had no say over. There are behaviors associated with being a man or boy and roles associated with being female. If you were born with a penis, you are immediately given the gender of a boy, while if you were born with a vagina, then your gender is that of a ‘she’.

Society has divided genders according to

Society has divided genders according to roles socially, politically, and economically. It’s like it puts a label on you from the moment you’re brought into the world. You do not get a chance to say who you want to grow up as. The community shakes up the facts and wants people to prove their manhood or womanhood according to the scale it set out.

From the time a person is

From the time a person is a child, they are taught how to identify themselves. For boys, your room is painted blue, your clothes are mostly blue, you get to play with toy cars and action figures. As a child, you have no choice or say over the choice in color or clothes, or toys that your parents get you, parents simply follow the community’s construct of what boys must dress like, or play with. Girls get the opposite, pink clothes, a pink room, dolls for toys. These are specific ideas in a context that have been passed down from generation to generation. It was difficult to see a man wearing trousers when our grandparents were growing up, that’s why little girls are usually dolled up in dresses whether you like them or not.

Social Construction of Gender

As a man, the phrase ‘men don’t cry’ must have been said to you on several occasions when you felt overcome by emotions. Civilization decided that men should be heartless, without emotion, they should hide what they feel no matter how difficult it is. That’s why when the famous Micheal Jordan cried on TV, it became news, to the point we still share memes about it. When a girl cries, they are held, embraced, and told to ‘let it all out’ as well as ‘it is okay not to be okay’. Men are constantly hit with phrases that ‘it is weak for a man to cry’ that they must aspire to be the rocks on which women rely on. We tend to forget that men are humans who need love, or understanding just as a girl does. Girls grow up in the kitchen baking, while boys are always in the garage fixing the car, but what if both children do not want it that way?

When a female takes a position of power, it is like a win for all women over social perception, as an example, recently a woman became a vice president in the United States, it felt like a milestone had been achieved. Women, according to the socialists, are not meant to be leaders in any accord. Whether it is in the house, a place of worship, a company, or a state, a female is viewed as a weakling in leadership which always proves to be a misconception. The female gender is said to belong in the kitchen, cooking for their husbands, taking care of the children, but this is just an ideology believed by closed-minded individuals. Grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great-great-grandmothers, were never allowed to get an education that could make them anything in society. Men have ruled over us for decades and instilled a spirit of patriarchy in the community that is proving difficult to rule out.

These are just some ways that society tries to put us in a boss. For men, they are required to be breadwinners, which is why single mothers find it so hard to get the respect they deserve for simply being the head of a household. Being a single mother should never stop a female from pursuing anything. A ‘she’ can be a pilot, engineer, scientist, mechanic, drive a motorbike no matter what people stipulate. People should be allowed to be themselves no matter what others may think. The freedom to make that decision is slowly turning into a personal decision. For example, Gabrielle Union’s daughter chose to be free of the confines of society, referring to her as a boy when she felt like a girl.