Experience Working in a Large Construction Site

Construction sites are areas where structures are being put up, mainly to benefit human beings. These structures could be as small as a two-bedroom house, a mansion, a large shopping mall, or multi-billion road projects. As long as the building is ongoing, then it qualifies to be a construction site. The effort put in by them could differ, in the sense that cranes and excavators will rarely be sighted when building a small house. Such is left for big projects that take even years to complete, unlike small ones which take a couple of months. What is it like to work on a large construction site?

To bring up such large projects

To bring up such large projects from paper to reality requires manual labor, which is important yet the most basic requirement. Some things can only be done manually hence the requirement for such in any construction site. In this case, where we are working on a large project, this would mean that the manual laborers would be required in large numbers. Such large numbers demand a high level of supervision to ensure that individuals are doing their work diligently. They should be taking good care of all tools on the site, and people are not tempted to carry something from the site to their home for their use. Anything bought for construction at the site shall remain there and secured in the store.

The demand for plenty of manual

The demand for plenty of manual laborers caused a ripple effect on the need for more skilled labor on site. One engineer cannot do all the work required on a site when the project is a big one. That would be overworking them. It would be best to have him with a couple of assistants to efficiently supervise the process to ensure it is as per the client’s demands, and make sure the work is moving as scheduled. They should discuss the project before construction begins so that they all speak in unison.

Experience Working in a Large Construction Site

At large construction sites, we expect to see plenty of large machinery that aids in construction. We use tower cranes to assist in constructing tall buildings when approaching the top half floors, concrete mixers to mix plenty of concrete in the shortest amount of time. Rollers in road construction to flatten the road surface and excavators to remove unwanted earth material from the road. Trucks are used to transport materials to and from the construction site, pavers, compactors, pile boring machines, pile driving machines. This is common only in large sites and aids in meeting deadlines.

Large construction sites often involve huge budgets, some going up to billions. If this money is not handled responsibly, then the project could easily be stalled till a later time when more money will be financed for it. This means there needs to be a sense of accountability in such projects, especially from those left in charge of supervising it; the engineer or construction manager. Apart from accountability, honesty is a key factor that should be in play here. There have been cases where the supervisor pockets some money for self-benefit, leading to the project being left incomplete or having mediocre finishing, which results in catastrophic accidents in the future.

A huge construction site will require plenty of workers, both skilled and unskilled labor is required here. This means there are health and safety protocols to be observed by those working on the site, like ensuring that the helmet is always worn, wearing a gas mask when in a dusty section, wearing your reflector jacket at all times. The city council will always conduct impromptu inspections to ascertain that workers are following the guidelines. If anyone’s found not adhering to the requirements, then a fine is imposed on them as well as the site, or risk being closed down indefinitely. Not only is it the duty of the supervisors to ensure that work is going on smoothly, but also to make sure workers are taking the health and safety regulations seriously.

Working on a huge site is tiresome and more demanding, but the results are worth the struggle. At the end of it all, all this is meant to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Being part of such projects is eye-opening to what human beings can do, appreciate our advancements regarding how far we’ve come, and how plenty of unexplored potential is ahead of us.