Difference between construction and assemblage

Construction comes from the word construct which basically refers to the art of building a structure. It could be anything from, a simple home with one story, to a complex apartment building with over 50 floors. The bigger the construction the longer it takes to bring to life. Some like a tiny home take a few weeks, but other complex structures take years. For example, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai took 6 years the completed, the foundation was laid in January 2004, while the doors were officially opened in January 2010. If you have ever been to a construction site or happened to live around one, you might have wondered what was taking them so long to finish the work.

Building a structure through construction happens

Building a structure through construction happens in stages, just as how when a makeup artist does his or her look construction, they use steps. Makeup artists start by prepping their skin, similarly, construction workers have to lay a foundation for their work ahead. Then they move on to framing, exterior, drywall till the finishing stage. Construction is a beehive of activities with both men and women having something to do at all times no matter the size of the construction. Picture that tree house in your backyard, or porch, it probably looks like a one-man job, but it ends up taking three or four people before completion. Construction requires skills, to know the correct measurements as nothing is ready-made, it is a complex process. It requires some level of skill to know which stage comes after which, how to make the foundation firm enough to withstand the pressure from the whole building.

Difference between construction and assemblage

Assemblage is more like putting together parts that are already ready for use. Picture using a Legos, that is how assemblage works, they are like broken down pieces of finished work. Another example is like a puzzle, you already know what it will look like, so all a person needs to do is to get the right pieces in the correct place. It takes a shorter amount of time for an assemblage than it does for a construction. People might not realize that early works by Picasso were actually created from the assemblage. He made use of three-dimensional cubist construction. When you take pieces of broken glass, or wood, put them together using glue or gold as the Chinese do, it is considered assembled art.

If you happen to be a parent, your child might have asked for a dollhouse, the pieces in the box come ready-made, but you will be required to put them together for the dollhouse to be in its true form. This is a simple example of assemblage. Most companies are embracing assemblage for their products as a means of saving space during transportation, that is why decks chairs, TV stands, beds, no longer come ready. A person is meant to put in the bolts and screws by themselves or too much rather ‘assemble’ their items. Assemblage does not require much skill, just the patience to read through the instructions as well as tightening the bolts.