Dealing With Construction Paper When Printing

Getting a clear understanding of what a construction paper is and what it looks like will be helpful in delving into this discussion with a clear mind. For starters, the pepper is simply an unfinished card during the process of making papers from wood. Due to the nature of its manufacturing process, the texture is rough with small particles of wood pulp on its surface, which might have earned it the name of sugar paper. Construction paper is good for arts and crafts works especially for those who love making models. You’ll find its use applicable in craft classes or studios where diversity of material is needed.

Most artists prefer producing work that

Most artists prefer producing work that the audience can interact with by offering a personalized feeling. One good way of achieving this is by playing around with textures and colors, commonly referred to by designers as the visual plus tactile feel of a piece of work. It becomes a piece of craft that you can appreciate both by visual sensory and touch sensory. Sugar paper offers both requirements easily, that’s why it’s highly desired by craftsmen. A challenge comes in place when you are trying to print work using construction paper as your base surface. What printer is good for use, how much toner should you use plus what are the right sizes to play around with? Worry no more since there is a solution to these bottlenecks.

Dealing With Construction Paper When Printing

Unlike cartridges, construction papers will break or crack when bent, meaning precautions should be taken during printing. Modern printers that use lasers will often bend the paper when turning it inside for detection. They are not the best for this kind of work, and you are therefore thinking of a printer that allows the paper to pass over once without being turned. For this purpose, ink-jets would be considered the best. You can regulate the amount of ink to be used by having less ink consumed to prevent splashing since it’s not as absorbent as the normal print paper.

For resolution, it’s preferable to make use of a lower resolution for clarity with the paper given its shiny plus glossy appearance. Construction papers are available in varying sizes, it’s good to use standard sizes that can be accommodated by most printers that are mainly A4 series. This, however, is not limited to how much you can play around with your creativity, depending on how much work you need to be laid out. Colors are also subject to personal choice since the papers come in different hues. It is important to remember that your computer settings should be configured correctly.

Don’t allow your creativity to be limited, you can design on this heavyweight paper to produce innovative invitation cards during celebrations or family gatherings. Current technology allows you to push your design limits to produce quality masterpieces. While printing, remember to turn on the option for heavyweight printing so your machine can configure correctly. It’s good to keep in mind that while the construction media surface is highly versatile, there is a limit to the type of printer it can go through.